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Streaming Should Be Effortless.

Let us do all the hard work so you can focus on the important things.


What is OBINX?

Obinx allows you to stream to Twitch via our server using OBS. Rather than having to use OBS to Twitch. This enables you to use your present laptop/desktop computer rather than having to upgrade thus saving you lots of time and money. The team at Obinx consists of gamers who love to stream. We are dedicated to making streaming easier and more enjoyable.

So how does Obinx work? Normally you stream from OBS to Twitch. Doing this means your computer has to do all the work to do the video/audio encoding which can put a big load onto your computer. What Obinx does is instead of streaming directly to Twitch you steam to Obinx and then Obinx pushes your stream to Twitch. This, of course, means OBS uses fewer resources which intern means your computer has more of its power to be able to run games you love to play.

Obinx is a free service because we value community, so come be apart of the streaming experience. We have set up a Patreon page to accept donations to go towards sever costs. Any donations result in perks so check out our page! click here


Want to be part of the beta team or try new features we are wanting to release. Hit us up on twitter @ObinxUK

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